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The Trendiest Modern Painting Studio

Our Mission

We believe that everyone has a creative bone in their body, in some way. It's our goal to make the painting experience a fun, relaxing, non-intimidating and enjoyable activity for you. Never painted before? Not to worry! Our experienced group of instructors will guide you step by step and unleash the painter within you that you never knew was there, in no time at all. We invite you visit us and embark on an adventure  where we will start you out on the path to the wonderful world of painting, as together, we create a memorable experience for you and yours to cherish.




Our Story

We are a group of innovative individuals with creative minds. We draw our experiences from several diverse backgrounds, but we all share the same vision and obsession for the arts. The Arts can be expressed in many different forms with many different expressions, but we all came to the conclusion that painting is one of the most relaxed (and relaxing), fun and easiest to learn that can also be well expressed by anyone, even the would-be novice painter.  It is these qualities that drove us to open a painting studio where we can share our passion, excitement and the wonder that artistic expression can provide and be learned, practiced and loved by anyone. 



Together..., we bring you " Premiere Canvas ”, a concept of what we call, "Modern Painting Lounge ", where "Painting Studio meets Socializing Lounge ”, a venue where you can come to learn how to paint while savoring a glass of wine and socializing with friends or meeting new ones. “ Premiere Canvas” is a unique concept providing an alternative place for you  to enjoy your time besides other venues like the bar scene or other traditional lounges, and offers an interesting an unique date night option other than the typical dinner and a movie. Come join us!